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Security System Design Tips For Schools

Security System Design Tips For Schools

What are some measures we should incorporate into security system designs for schools?

School security system designs are under more scrutiny now than ever. Aside from monitoring the school grounds for external and internal threats, administrators also need to keep track of student and staff whereabouts, life-safety alarms, and visitors, all while operating under a tight budget. Many state laws require schools to install surveillance and access control systems, as well as to use ID badges and have visitor management systems in place. 

Even with these systems in place, smarter security system designs can alleviate overworked security personnel and reduce costs without sacrificing adequate protection. Additionally, security system designs shouldn’t impede student experience and limit interruptions to the learning environment. Here are some tips for enforcing a better security system design for monitoring schools and protecting students.

Central Control Station

For schools that have multiple buildings or large sprawling structures, it can be difficult or unfeasible to staff sufficient guards throughout the campus. By using a security system design that has a central control station to monitor all cameras, alarms, and other security devices, schools can more efficiently respond to threats without straining their resources.

Pinpoint Alarms

Combined with the central control system, a more refined alarm mapping system helps pinpoint the exact location of a potential threat. If one building’s entrance access control system is breached, a specific indication of which entry point to go to will allow security personnel to find and respond to a threat. 

Intercom System

Fast and reliable communication is crucial for sending and receiving emergency alerts. A school-wide intercom system can broadcast emergency messages and warnings such as thefts, active shooters, or any other disaster. Students, staff, and visitors throughout the school grounds will also get the alert much faster and be able to take precautionary measures. Additionally, intercom systems allow administrators to deliver safety instructions in the event people are confused about what to do.

Access Control for Lockdowns

Once more, a central control station can help isolate threats and protect lives throughout large or multiple buildings. Being able to instantly lockdown all doors, entryways, and even windows prevent threats from moving in, out, or around the building. Keeping everyone lockdown and in place lets the proper authorities handle the intruder while students are safely locked and stayed away. In the event a lockdown is necessary, it can be dangerous to staff and waste time to lock every door or access point manually.

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