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5 Tips for Better School Security

5 Tips for Better School Security

Is your school’s security as strong as it can be? Read on for five tips on better school security.

School security has become an increasing concern in the educational field with the rising frequency of school shootings in the last two decades. While the majority of schools have detailed plans regarding fire and tornado alarms, fewer have a high standard of security against violence in place. Below, you’ll find five tips for better school security against violence that can apply broadly to all types of schools.

Evaluate Assets

Knowing how best to protect a school means that one of the first things to determine is what you are protecting. Children, of course, are highest on the list. Likewise, the teachers, documents, and other assets make the list. While compiling your complete list of assets to protect, also prioritize which are the most important, from the greatest to least. As mentioned, children are obviously at the top. Knowing what your most valuable assets are will help you create the best strategy in securing the premises.

Evaluate Threats

On the other hand, it is also important to know what your most likely threats are. Looking at the school’s history and regional history as well as current events can help you figure out your biggest threats. Then, you know both what you are up against, as well as what you are protecting.

Tighten the Security Plan

With the above knowledge set firmly in your mind, you can then take an informed look at your current security plan. This includes not just the technology you are using or lack thereof; this also applies to the actions that you as a school plan to take in the case of different scenarios. It is best to minimize the need for teachers or students to cross hallways in the event of an active shooting and have internal locks for doors. It is also best to have a central security system. Having routine drills to practice for an event and educating parents, teachers, and students will get everyone on board for the best security practices. 

Balance Risk and Budget

School security implementation does depend on a school’s budget. This means that there is some balance between what you’re able to invest in security and the risk that you face. 

Get Professional Advice

The best way to determine the kind of security your school needs is to contact a professional. He can come out to help evaluate and advise you on the matter. A professional security installer can determine the security needs unique to your school. He can help you create a system within your budget and even save money in the process.

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