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Residential CCTV

As home and business owners, you like to understand what is happening on or around your property any time, day or night. S&B Pro Security offers CCTV surveillance systems which provide you this security option. From a single CCTV camera operation to those in need of multi- channel systems, we have the right IP or CCTV security system for your home or business. Our systems are highly customizable for a variety of camera and monitor configurations.

You can scale your system to size!

In fact, a new CCTV security system can enhance the way you do business. You can view your surveillance video remotely from a PC, cell phone, or tablet. This enables you to monitor your business anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. Record live video from a DVR system, playback footage conveniently from time and date, or filter for detected motion events. Our systems are all IP and offer high definition and pixels. You can even make changes to your system remotely.

CCTV systems are a nice compliment to Intrusion Detection Systems, and we can help you determine which is best for you in your varying spaces.

Technology developments in CCTV systems enable you to choose some top-of-the-line features and options, such as:

  • Remote Mobile Viewing
  • High Definition (HD) Video
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Connectivity
  • Night Vision in Total Darkness
  • Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)
  • Up to 64 Terabytes of Video Storage
  • Weatherproof Casings

If you own a home in Rehoboth Beach or a business Wilmington, our team can assist you in your CCTV needs. Contact us today for an initial consultation.