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UL2050 Security Alarms

S&B Pro Security has the UL Certificate and has been working with UL 2050 alarm systems since inception. In the Delaware, Annapolis and Washington D.C. areas; government agencies set up SCIFs or Security Compartmented Information Facilities. When a facility is set up, there are specified blueprints and requirements for the security of these structures. Only companies that are certified to install UL 2050 may do the work.

UL 2050 is a standard that describes the monitoring, signal processing, investigation, servicing, and operation of alarm systems. In order to provide service and equipment for a UL 2050, a company must be issued a UL certificate.

Compliance and requirements are crucial for the integrity of the security, which is why inspections are critical. For UL 2050 systems, there is one mandatory annual inspection. S&B Pro Security will work with your security team to determine when the inspections will occur. As well, to ensure the integrity of the work, there are often surprise inspections performed by underwriter laboratories. The outcome of these inspections determines, along with ongoing recertification, if a company may continue installing UL 2050 security alarms.

Unlike our commercial security systems, the UL 2050 systems are not customizable. Therefore, our experts must be proficient in their work as they come across complicated installations.

We are proud to work with our government agencies and offer high level security. Contact our team today. 800-841-9907