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Environmental & Life Safety Protection

One of the most important parts of your security system are the life safety devices that can enhance your Intrusion Detection System or added to your CCTV arrangement. In fact, fire and water generate more issues in a business and residence than being robbed – they can create a total loss.

S&B Pro Security offers top of the line, wireless options in Environmental and Life Safety Protection equipment.

Detection of any environmental or life safety hazard is critical to the health and wellness of your family and property.

  • Smoke
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Temperature
  • Natural Gas
  • Power Loss
  • Water pressure

In fact, we offer a leak monitor shut-off valve to keep your property safe from water damage before you get there. This can be activated over the phone and can stop water flow from your dishwasher, sump pump, hot water heater, or washer.

The best part about our equipment is that we monitor it 24/7. The NFPA 72 states that interconnected smoke alarms with a monitored fire alarm system with smoke detectors are considered 95% reliable.

S&B Pro Security can work with your builder during the construction process, or we can do an installation on an existing structure to replace or enhance what you already have installed.

Be sure you are set up to protect your property. Call S&B Pro Security if you are in or near Annapolis. 800-841-9907