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Photo ID Badging for Government Facility Security

Photo ID Badging for Government Facility Security

How does photo ID badging fit into government facility security?

Implementing photo ID badging at government facilities is more than maintaining an administrative look. Photo ID badging can play a vital role in a building’s security and safety. Government facilities are susceptible to various threats, including dangerous or unauthorized persons on the premises. Additionally, government buildings must comply with security standards and implement access control systems to protect workers, information, and property. Keep reading to see how issuing photo ID cards resolve concerns for government facility security. 

Identify All Those in the Building

Yes, it makes sense for government employees to wear and display their photo ID badge. However, there are plenty of other people who come and go at government buildings. Contractors, volunteers, and visitors should all be given appropriate ID badging to wear while on the premises. Printed designs or programmed codes can distinguish badges issued to different people. As a practical security solution, wearing badges indicates to security personnel whether an individual has the clearance to be somewhere. This measure can also help quickly identify anyone in the building that may be a potential threat.

Access Control

An access control system should have safeguards for people getting in and out of a facility, as well as accessing different parts of the building or technologies. Card readers can scan either a barcode, read a chip, or detect the proximity of a secure and registered ID badge to verify the cardholder’s access. Photo ID badges can be used to determine whether the user has permission to access a network or specific information.

Using cards for access control is better than a key system. Keys can be easily misplaced, stolen, or copied. With individual issued photo ID badging as the “key,” facilities are far more secure. Cards are difficult to replicate. Card readers scan for an access code before permitting entry. Lost cards can be deactivated to reduce the risk of falling into the wrong hands. Additionally, consolidating the permissions of an individual to their ID card reduces the need for them to carry around multiple keys or forms of ID.


Today’s photo ID badging cards can also support administrative or auxiliary purposes. These cards can track an employee’s time or attendance record. Some facilities can program the cards to connect with the cardholder’s account for making cashless payments or accessing employee portals. Like any physical building security system that requires unique solutions, photo badges and ID cards can be programmed to fulfill different tasks for an organization’s needs.

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