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Security Systems Critical for Colleges and Universities

Security Systems Critical for Colleges and Universities

Here are some security systems every university campus should have in place.

Higher education institutions have a lot to protect. Security systems monitor the campus and protect students, staff, and visitors from harm. Now, campuses are concerned about preventing school threats and violence now more than ever. To combat these threats to safety, colleges and universities have invested in different tools, methods, and security systems to safeguard from various damages and dangers. Here are some of those critical security systems that colleges and universities use to keep their campuses and people safe.

Building Access Control

Usually, several major buildings make up a campus. There are dorms, lecture halls, laboratories, administrative buildings, libraries, and more. Access control security systems grant authorized people entry to specific premises under approved conditions, such as open hours. At many universities, students are issued an ID card or number that verifies their identity and permission to use a building. Using access control systems both prevents unauthorized people from getting into buildings to either do harm or steal valuable university equipment.

Video Surveillance

Having video surveillance deters crimes and wrongdoings. People don’t want to get caught on footage doing something incriminating. Security personal can have a live monitor of the campus to respond to emergencies quickly. Having recorded surveillance footage also helps to corroborate facts about any reported incidents or provide useful information in the case of missing students. This security system can be used to monitor for unusual or dangerous activity in parking garages or near restricted areas.

Campus Communications and Alerts

Setting up and using campus-wide communications is a standard for many universities. Text or email alerts can get rapidly sent to all students, faculty, and staff. Alerting the immediate public of any incidents or giving warnings ahead of time helps protect the people and manage a crisis. Security personnel can tell student traffic to avoid areas with suspicious activity or let everyone know ahead of time of an emergency system test.

Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors

Fire alarms and smoke detectors are required by law in many residential and commercial buildings already. At a university, these safety tools can make the difference in lives saved in the event of a disaster. Cafeterias and science buildings, where chemistry experiments could go wrong, can also be outfitted with additional dangerous gas or chemical detectors.

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