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Qualities to Look For in Electronic Locking Hardware

Qualities to Look For in Electronic Locking Hardware

There are a few qualities and features that are extremely useful across all types of electronic locking hardware.

Utilizing high-quality electronic locking hardware to keep your facility secure throughout the building enhances your access control efforts. These types of high-security locks need to withstand both everyday use and emergencies, all the while maintaining high-levels of protection. However, not all types of electronic locking hardware function the same, and different models may better suit specific commercial or government settings. Your facility should be mindful of the type of locks used as you don’t want to impede daily operations unnecessarily. Still, there are a few qualities and features that are extremely useful across all types of electronic locking hardware.

Automatic Locking

In order to keep a single entry-point secured with any electronic locking hardware, be sure your locks have an automatic locking feature. This will ensure that the lock is re-engaged after the device senses the door has been closed. Having this feature relieves the human-user of remembering to close and lock the entry-point behind them. Not only is this feature convenient, but it could also prevent a security breach caused by accidental human-error.

Programmable Access Control

Most access control systems keep a record of who had access to where and when. Employers can use this feature to keep authorized employees accountable for their whereabouts throughout the facility and catch any out-of-place activity. If a user has a personal key code or ID that the electronic locking hardware can respond to, programming a limited or windowed timeframe for access can ensure no one misuses their access privileges, such as after hours.

Quick and Easy Management System

When employees join or leave your facility, it’s imperative to handle issuing or reclaiming keys or access cards. Or, if anyone were ever to misplace their keys, that could become a security issue for your building, not to mention a logistical headache to replace locks or reprogram lock codes. Instead, look for electronic locking hardware that your security or administrative staff can manage from a central system.

Durable Construction

Durability and material strength of the electronic locks should be robust. Physical damage to locks can cause the electronic components to fail, rendering the entry-point defenseless. It goes without saying that your locks need to hold up in the case of attempted forced entry.

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