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Home Automation

Automation is one of the most important reasons to move every day applications to the cloud. By design, third-party cloud platforms can automate manual tasks to deploy, monitor and maintain systems.

S&B Pro Security will provide, install and program your entire home automation system. Although everything can be customized, we keep it as simple as possible for you to control from your phone or tablet.

Some of the most popular features that a home automation system can control are:

  • Security: Motion detectors, burglar alarms or even your overall Intrusion Detection System can be an integral part of your overall home automation system
  • Temperature: You can save money by controlling the temperature of your home. Just turn it up from your phone as you leave for home.
  • Lighting: No longer do you have to keep the porch light on, which can be a security risk. You can choose to turn on different lights at different times to help deter break-ins.
  • Window Shades: Save your furniture and floors from sun damage during the day; but be ready for the sunset as you come home. You can raise or lower your window shades to match sunrise to sunset.
  • Door Locking: The key pad has a Zpad which offers the automation to lock or unlock form your phone. Let the cleaners in after you verify them with surveillance, all from the comfort of your phone.
  • Surveillance Cameras: We can incorporate your CCTV system so you can change camera angles and see what is happening on your property.

Please note, that while S&B Pro Security will provide the installation of the home automation system, they will not provide the appliances. We recommend that you validate what you purchase is equipped to tie into a home automation system.

Whether it is your primary residence in Northern Virginia or your beach home in Rehoboth; S&B Pro Security can install your home automation system. Contact us today. 800-841-9907