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Why High-Traffic Properties Need Commercial Access Control

Why High-Traffic Properties Need Commercial Access Control

Securing a commercial property requires extensive security protocols that go beyond adequate locks. Commercial access control systems are the solution.

Securing a commercial property requires extensive security protocols that go beyond adequate locks. While those are necessary tools for any property’s safety, high-traffic properties require commercial access control to regulate access to certain parts of the premises. If you don’t yet consider access control systems to be an essential part of your business security system, read on for three reasons why commercial access control can significantly benefit high-traffic properties.

High-Traffic Properties Require Extra Security 

A commercial access control system can help ensure that only those individuals with proper access can enter and leave an area with heavy foot traffic. People with appropriate access can include customers and clients, as well as workers and employees who come and go throughout the day. 

While many businesses think they can rely solely on cameras for security purposes, they aren’t always so helpful when many people enter and exit a property at once. A commercial access control system can slow down the flow of foot traffic, which creates better security footage and discourages trespassers. 

Access Control Can Help with Issues of Liability

Owning or managing a commercial property comes with a lot of liability. If something happens to an employee, tenant, or a stranger, you may be equally liable, particularly if you do not have security in place to mitigate high-traffic areas. 

Adding a commercial access control system helps keep unauthorized visitors out, and shows that you took proper care to make sure no one without appropriate credentials could access particular areas. If an unauthorized person were to injure themselves while breaching an area beyond the access control system, you could prove that they were not authorized to be in that location. Without these precautions, you would be fully liable for any injuries on your property, due to a failure to restrict access to troublesome areas. 

Commercial Access Control Informs of Who is On the Property at Any Time

It can be quite challenging to keep track of who is entering and who is leaving a high-traffic commercial area. A commercial access control system can often tie into other security systems and enable you to know who is on your property at any given time. 

Having a card reader in place, for instance, can help mitigate traffic and give you a more precise look at who enters or leaves the property. If several unauthorized visitors are on the property, you can track what card let them in and when. Commercial access control is just one part of a robust security system, but it can address many security challenges for high-traffic properties. 

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