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Fire Alarm Systems

The importance of having a working fire alarm system cannot be underestimated. Fire alarms save lives and there can be no bigger incentive than to ensure that the people who enter a building are fully protected.

For this reason it is always recommended to consult a professional fire alarm specialist to help you choose the most appropriate type of fire detector and monitoring system. S&B Pro Security will work with you to select, install, and monitor the fire alarm system to spec and code.

All buildings must follow the National Fire Academy codes for fire alarm systems. These required standards are that a fire alarm system is hard-wired and connected throughout the building. In new construction, your architect must submit a blueprint to the county for approvals. Once approved, you get to choose who does the installation.

Fire alarms systems play such a key safety role in commercial buildings and there are a lot of lives potentially at steak. If the fire alarm systems are not sufficient then harsh penalties can be given, including hefty fines and in the case of extreme negligence, this can even result in imprisonment if lives are lost as a result of an ineffective approach to fire safety.
In addition, if a fire does occur in commercial premises insurance policies may be voided if it can be proved that the fire alarm and smoke detectors were ineffective. Don’t let this happen to you.

Why choose S&B Pro Security for your Fire Alarm Installation?

We are a team ##ABOUTUS## of local professionals who will be part of your project from conceptions to completion and beyond. When any issue arises, it will be the same team members that you will work with. Our pricing rivals any large company and our service supersedes them.

Contact our Delaware-based team today for your consultation. 800-841-9907