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How to Prepare for a Residential Security System Installation

How to Prepare for a Residential Security System Installation

Before the Pros get to your home, here’s how you can prepare for your residential security system installation.

As a homeowner, you want to protect yourself, your family, and your property from intruders. When you decide it’s time for a residential security system installation or upgrades, you can trust S&B Pro Security to handle the entire process from start to finish. While our professional team works at efficiently identifying your needs and installing the equipment, there is more you can do to take an active role in managing your home security too. Here are some steps to prepare for a residential security system installation that can improve your overall protection.


If you plan on including emergency response and remote monitoring features to your residential security system installation, you may be required to obtain a permit beforehand. Your local government will have various rules on operating a home security system, so call or check online for any permit requirements before installation. Generally, it’s best to check the regulations first. In some cases, you may be allowed to install systems without a permit. 


If you haven’t already, determine where around your property you want the security devices installed. Planning this ahead of time can help you determine the cost of all the equipment, as well. Most cameras should monitor the entrances, and intrusion detection devices like motion sensors should be placed next to windows or doors. Additionally, most people prefer installing the central control panel near the main entrance, near the back door or garage entrance, or near the bedrooms. If you need help determining the best placement for each device, our team can help you eliminate blind spots in your home surveillance.


Have a secure code prepared and memorized before the technicians arrive to complete your residential security system installation. Coming up with a code on the spot is an indication of a weak code that an intruder can quickly guess and disarm your system. Use a random combination of numbers that you can remember, but others will have a tough time guessing.


To help make the installation process go faster and smoothly, rearrange your furniture and move stuff out of the way where you will be installing the devices. You may need to consider changing the layout of your room, so it is easy for you to access the devices in the event of an emergency. The technicians need plenty of room to install your devices and, if necessary, connect them with wires. 


Lastly, be sure to have any questions about managing your security devices ready. Write these down and remember to get answers from the knowledgeable technicians when they arrive. If you are installing a wireless system, you may be able to monitor your home from an application on your smart device. Download any apps in advance and explore those, too, so you can ask questions about how to best use the app features.

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