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Fiber Optics Communication

S&B Pro Security is proud to offer Fiber Optics Communication Wiring to businesses. We understand that fiber optics is critical to the success of any company, as it offers faster speeds and connections. In this ever-growing digital age of technology, most companies will run on fiber when it’s available to them. We at S&B Pro Security offer you a local solution to have it installed.

Installation of fiber optic cables can be confusing, as there are varying types of cables and applications that are used during the process. Our team is skilled at building out the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and then connecting Independent Distribution Frames (IDF) to ensure that your systems are interconnected. The design of your network is critical. Our job is to be sure that your office space is set up for optimal access to high speed connectivity. We will work with your IT department to determine how many drops are needed throughout your building and can be proactive to set up for expansion.

Please note that S&B Pro Security will set up the fiber terminations and fiber blocks; however, we do not install or set up the electronics associated with your hub, mainframe or servers.

Fiber optic technology is resistant to water or chemical damage, which makes it a superior product to copper cables. This is one more reason that businesses choose to have fiber optic cable installed.

To learn more about fiber optic communication and installation, contact our professional team at