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Intercom & Paging Systems

S&B Pro Security believes in the safety of people through communication and security of a property. Intercom and Paging systems are two tools that offer safety solutions.

The intercom system that we use is the DoorKing. This system is used for multi-unit buildings such as an apartment complex or college dormitory. The larger the property, the more specialized the access control requirements. We can come up with a customized solution that will work for your needs. A few of the popular uses are:

  • Looking a tenant up by name
  • Remote entry for a guest by a tenant
  • Entryway intercom system

Paging systems are often seen in larger spaces like schools and manufacturing plants. The paging system ties in with the phone system. By adding an amplifier and speaker, these components create an intercom throughout the building. These systems can then broadcast throughout the building and can be critical for safety measures in instances of fire, weather or an active shooter. In manufacturing plants you will often see intercoms used in emergencies to stop production or to find individuals throughout the plant.

S&B Pro Security will meet with your team to understand the needs of your building. We will work to create a customized solution, and then develop a timeline for purchase, installation and maintenance. Contact our team to schedule your initial consultation today. 800-841-9907