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What To Look For In High-Security Locks

What To Look For In High-Security Locks

Looking to protect your commercial property with high-security locks? Pay attention to these key characteristics!

If you’re looking to improve the security of your commercial property, high-security locks can help. While there are many types of high-security locks on the market, business owners should install locks specifically built for commercial or retail property protection in mind. These places often hold proprietary information or stores of expensive inventory that could hurt your business if stolen. Here are some characteristics to pay attention to when searching for the right high-security locks for your property. 

Material Strength

High-security locks are more robust than traditional door locks. Its strength comes from the material composition of the lock mechanism and the bolt. The general sign of a high-quality, high-security lock is the weight of the metal lock component. If it feels substantial in your hands, it’s less likely that the manufacturer left gaps or used lighter cheaper materials in its construction.

Additionally, the bolt of the metal lock must be secure too. People try to break these locks either by using force or by using a saw to damage the bolt. Therefore, a well-built lock will use a bolt that won’t easily snap.

Complex Lock Cylinder

Many key lock doors can be picked or bumped open. If you select a lock with a more sophisticated lock cylinder, an unauthorized person will be less likely to understand how to open the lock. An electronic door lock or keypad door lock that doesn’t require a key won’t have any lock cylinder that can be picked. Conversely, for high-security locks requiring keys, exercise proper spare key storage and consider installing a lock with patented keyways. A patented keyway uses a cylinder and key not sold in the open market, making it less likely for someone to get a hold of a duplicate key.

Bypass and Drill Resistant

Some locks designs can include bypasses that allow the unauthorized person to exploit some weakness or fault in the locking mechanism to undo the lock. Be sure to check the different models of products for these weaknesses before purchase and installing, especially older models. Some criminals or trespassers, undeterred by front door cameras, may try to force their way through a security locked door by drilling the lock. So, check that the screws and the shear line (where lock pins and the plug need to align to turn the key) get reinforced with anti-drilling properties.

Cost Consideration

Better performing, more secure locks are generally more expensive, but worth it to many invested in protecting their property. If you have concerns about your property’s security and your budget, work with S&B Pro to uncover a custom plan to fit your situation.

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