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5 Benefits of Front Door Security Cameras

5 Benefits of Front Door Security Cameras

Residential, commercial, and educational buildings can all benefit from front door security cameras.

An increasing number of homes, businesses, and schools are installing front door security cameras, often with a doorbell integrated into it. It may seem that the chance of a break-in is low, especially if a residence or other premises has never dealt with criminal activity in the past. However, with the rise of security technology and the awareness of its benefits, all residential, commercial, and educational buildings can benefit from front door security cameras.

1. Deter Intruders

Particularly for residential areas, burglars are much more likely to attempt a break-in if your home does not have a front door security camera. Burglars and other types of intruders are often opportunists, looking for an opportunity to do damage rather than persevering into a specific building. As many burglars gain access through the front door of a home, residential properties would do well to secure their first point of entry through this simple method. The same goes for businesses and schools who are guarding against violent individuals.

2. Prevent Theft

If packages come to the front door of your school or small business, a security camera can also help keep track of deliveries and prevent theft. Without any monitoring, anyone could walk up and steal your package. Millions of residential homes have had packages stolen from them in the last few years alone. A camera monitoring your front door can deter such an event.

3. Monitor Visitors

Not all buildings have peepholes, let alone businesses or schools. Viewing who is at the door from your smartphone, you can face your visitor before he sees you. At home, having this defense can be invaluable for dealing with strangers at the door. It can also help you see your children safely home from school. If your children are home alone, they can view visitors from the safety of the smartphone screen also. 

As for businesses and schools, S&B Pro Security can best recommend what the best type of front entry security would be for your building. Depending on your premises, a security camera doorbell can be extra helpful in monitoring who is coming in, an employee or student or parent, or a suspicious stranger.

4. Catch Evidence

In the case of a break-in through the front door, the video evidence caught on the camera will be crucial in finding the culprit. Even if the actual camera gets damaged, you will still have the recording on your phone.

5. Play It Safe

Even if the risk of intrusion seems low to none, the possibility always exists. Homeowners need to protect their families, businesses need to protect their employees, and schools need to protect their students and faculty. It never hurts to have a line of defense at the front door.

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