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Signs Your Commercial Security System Needs an Upgrade

Signs Your Commercial Security System Needs an Upgrade

What was once new becomes outdated sooner or later. Perhaps it’s time to update your commercial security system.

When you first installed your commercial security system, everything ran smoothly and gave you great peace of mind. But the thing with technology is that problems and solutions evolve rapidly, and what was once new becomes outdated sooner or later. Under-performing and outdated commercial security systems leaves your property vulnerable to threats. Compare your current situation to the following signs to determine whether your business security system desperately needs an upgrade.

Security System Isn’t Protecting Your Commercial Property

The obvious sign your security system needs upgrading: your property comes too close to danger! Even if you might not have experienced a break-in or theft, has your security system detected intruders or attempted suspicious activity recently? A robust and effective security system should deter dangerous people from coming near or attempting an intrusion on your property in the first place.

Tied Down By Wires

Several homes have ditched the cables and wires of older security systems. Your commercial property can take advantage of tech to do the same too. Wired systems become powerless and useless should those physical wires give out. Wireless commercial security systems reliably continue to transmit signals between devices. Further, wireless capabilities also mean you can remotely monitor the security system from a linked smart device.

Outdated Surveillance Cameras

Review the security footage from your front door cameras. Is the footage black and white? Are the images captured grainy? Are the details in your security footage feed hard to see? And if so, are you frustrated that your cameras can’t zoom in on the footage? If your answers to any of those questions have been yes, then your surveillance cameras are most likely outdated. Many of today’s quality security cameras capture high-resolution footage. Upgrading the camera equipment at your commercial property is more affordable now than ever.

Your Business is Growing

AS your business grows, so does your commercial property size and number of team members. More people will be coming and going from your property. Your expanding business may require a building with more entry-points, and new employees and clients move throughout your place of business. Be sure to upgrade your commercial security system and access control system to keep up with your changing and improving operations.

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