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Retail Security: Keeping Burglars at Bay

Retail Security: Keeping Burglars at Bay

Keep the burglars away from your retail business with these security tips.

In the last decade, burglaries in residential homes have decreased. Unfortunately, they have doubled within the last decade for commercial businesses. Retail businesses had better check their security and see whether their building’s security system is up to the challenge. Hopefully, that challenge will never come to your retail business. Even so, it is best to be prepared for keeping burglars at bay.

Take Away Temptation

There are a couple, simpler things you can do to protect your business. One, a more obvious trick, is to simply remember to keep the windows and doors shut and locked. It pays off not to be careless. A less obvious tactic, perhaps, do not put the most expensive items of your store at the windows. Keep your most valuable items within the center of the store like a king in the center of his castle.

Visible Entry Points

Burglars like hidden, shadowy entry points, especially the back ones. You can deter them from the doors by removing overgrown foliage and installing bright lights. Well-lit, open-air entry points are your safest kind. 


CCTV installation can further protect your entry points. When every passer-by can see a security camera watching your entry points, would-be burglars are less likely to go for the steal.


S&B Pro Security offers a range of secure locks for your business. They can fit your doors with the best of electronic locking hardware, including electronic strikes or mag locks. A high-security lock is the next step to a reasonably secure premises. 


Along with locks, one must not lose the importance of keys, nor the keys themselves. It is better to have different keys for different doors, whether outdoor or interior ones, and have them coded so that only employees know which key belongs to which door. The business should also require that employees return keys once they leave the business. 


Alarms are your last line of defense against an intruder. There are different kinds of intrusion alarm systems. Some are motion-sensing, some are silent, and some let loose their screams in the store. For motion-sensing and silent intrusion detection systems, a signal is sent to either the security company, the police station, the business owner via cell phone, or generally a combination of two of these. No two businesses are alike, so it is best to get a professional to help you determine the best kind of security system that you need.

Call S&B Pro for Your Residential Security Needs Today!

When you choose to work with S&B Pro Security, you are working with a company that offers the highest-end equipment and installation, with team members who are top experts in the security field. We offer residential, small business, commercial, and government security in Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Wilmington, Newark, Annapolis, Hanover, and Rehoboth Beach. 

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