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What to Do When Home Security System Detects an Intruder

What to Do When Home Security System Detects an Intruder

What should you do when your home security system detects an intruder inside your home while you’re there too?

Being a victim of a break-in or home invasion can be very unsettling. The situation can be even scarier when you find yourself at home when you realize there’s an intruder inside. While home security systems and intrusion detection systems can help deter and even prevent trespassers from entering your home, you should also be aware of how to react if you find yourself in this dangerous position. Having the right security measures in place, along with practical knowledge ready, can bring you more peace of mind. Many home invasions happen at night, so this will be the scenario we will go through.

Confirm There’s an Intruder

Your home security system can be programmed to trigger an alarm when it detects an intruder who came through the door or a window. The jarring noise alone should be enough to drive the crook away. However, if your system does not emit an alarm when there is a potential intruder, you need to listen carefully to confirm there’s something out of the ordinary going on. If you hear footsteps, rummaging, shuffling furniture, or breaking glass, these can all be signs that someone uninvited is in your house. 

Do Not Confront

You don’t know if the intruder is there to steal your valuables or cause harm to people. It’s best not to confront the intruder, even if you’re armed with a weapon. Plus, you don’t know if the intruder also has a weapon. If it comes down to it, it’s safer to lose a T.V. than to lose a life. Stay quiet, so even the most brazen intruders won’t come investigating.

Call the Authorities

Many of today’s home security systems send automatic alerts to your security company or the local authorities. To be sure, use your cellphone or landline to call the police. You never know if the intruder has disabled your wireless system or cut a phone line. As quietly and clearly as you can, tell the dispatcher your location. In some states, you may be able to text your 911 dispatching station.

Get to Your Children and Pets

If you have young children, get to their rooms and lock the door. If possible, let them stay asleep so they can keep calm and quiet. The same can be said if you have pets. Some intruders aren’t afraid of dogs, so keeping your pets with you can reduce the likelihood they can get harmed too.

Stay Calm yet Alert

Panicking in a situation like this is a natural reaction, but you must try to remain calm. Staying calm will let you make better critical decisions and help you stay quiet. Plus, your housemates, especially young children, will act according to your example. When you are calm and thinking clearly, you can better make a note of your situation. Try to memorize or record details of the break-in that can help the authorities track down the perpetrator later. This information can be the time, physical descriptions, if you happen to see them, their vehicle, or even the sound of their voice.

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