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Doorbell Cameras and Home Security

Doorbell Cameras and Home Security

Should you consider adding a doorbell camera to your home security system?

The latest trend homeowners everywhere have taken to is installing doorbell cameras to boost their home security efforts. There is a wide range of doorbell cameras available on today’s markets at affordable prices. This makes these easy-to-install and sleek designed products intriguing to homeowners. In many ways, one can say it acts very similar to front door cameras. However, are there actual benefits — or drawbacks — to using doorbell cameras when it comes to improving your home security system?

How Doorbell Cameras Work

Most doorbell cameras work like most other home automation devices. These doorbells are mounted where traditional doorbells would be and are connected to your home network. Over your Wi-Fi network, you can manage your device through a mobile app interface. When something within range triggers the doorbell’s motion detectors, it records video and can send alerts to your connected mobile device. From there, the user can live-stream the recording, review older footage, and even conduct two-way conversations (if the device has built-in microphones and speakers). These devices can capture equally clear digital footage during the day and night.

Connected to Recordings

For home security purposes, a doorbell camera offers some added safety and peace of mind. The device alerts you every time someone or something comes near your home. If you hear a visitor at the front door, you can check the camera feed before deciding to answer the door. Some other home security cameras are posted to deter burglars and trespassers. If these bad-doers attempt to pick the locks on your doors, they can be scared away by the camera pointed at their every move. 

Additionally, the increased presence of these devices in many residential neighborhoods has helped to deter criminal activities. Having all this footage can help authorities identify suspicious people and even license plates on vehicles.

Of course, these smart doorbells can serve practical everyday purposes too. You can use your smartphone or tablet to have the doorbell alert you when a package or mail delivery has happened. Or, if you have children, you can check in from work every day to see when your kids got home from school. Paired with other home automation functions, you could even remotely let them in the front door if they forgot their house key one day.

Concerns and Drawbacks

An issue to be wary of with these Wi-Fi connected devices is that it can fail when your internet goes out. Thieves can exploit this vulnerability by snipping your home’s internet cable to deactivate your doorbell camera. Additionally, we must be wary of black-hat hackers that try to access your home network by entering through your connected device. Generally, keeping strong passwords and practicing good network security can prevent these attacks.

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