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Home Security Tips and Tricks

Home Security Tips and Tricks

What are some other home security steps you can take to protect your property?

To start the New Year, we’re bringing you home security tips and tricks to keep your property and family safe. Deter any would-be intruders and burglars by implementing a few of these steps around your home. Installing a residential security system is an obvious first-line defense for keeping your home safe. However, you can stop more brazen trespassers or foil thieves’ plans with some mindful home security practices.

Install or Update Security System

As mentioned, a residential security system can prevent your home from being targeted for a criminal act. If you already have a system installed, perhaps this new year is the time for some updates. Get a reassessment of your home security needs and make any appropriate changes to ensure no blindspots are left behind. Consider investing in newer technology, like a wireless security system, for more reliable service.

Visible Deterrents

Strategic visible deterrents help keep intruders away. They most likely want to target unprotected properties, so making some visual security measures apparent should draw their attention away from your property. Consider placing cameras pointed at your home’s entry points or a foreboding “beware of dog” sign in your window.

Hide Valuables

Should burglars or thieves make it inside your property, they often try to get in and out as fast as possible to avoid being recognized or caught. Make it more difficult for the criminals to get away with your valuables by keeping them hidden or stored in a safe. Many try to steal cash and items like jewelry and electronics they can pawn. Furthermore, breakdown your boxes and packaging before recycling and otherwise disposing of them. Some boxes left sitting out on the curb on trash collection day advertise to would-be thieves that you have a new (and expensive) T.V. or computer somewhere in your home.

Appearing at Home

Many home break-ins occur when the burglar believes you are away at work or on vacation. Several people already know to keep the appearance of someone at home to deter intruders. Leaving the T.V. or some lights on at home can help, but extended absences may require additional steps. Ask a trusted family member or friend to stop by periodically, get the mail, or keep the yard looking neat. With your home automation system, you may be able to unlock the door for them remotely, and even control when lights turn on and off.

Reinforce Windows

Windows and sliding glass doors, especially on the lower floors, must be alarmed. A truly determined thief may break the glass to gain entry, but more often, they try to find unlocked windows and pry them open. Reinforcing your windows and sliding glass doors is a matter of placing a sturdy rod against the moving panel to prevent a break-in.

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