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Pointers for Commercial CCTV Surveillance System

Pointers for Commercial CCTV Surveillance System

Need help selecting a commercial CCTV surveillance system? Read this first, then call S&B Pro for assistance!

Installing a commercial CCTV surveillance system dramatically enhances your property’s security. Video surveillance can deter others from targeting your business building for crimes, as well as protect against fraudulent liability claims. When it comes to choosing a commercial CCTV system, you need to select the right system that will best serve your company’s interests. Here’s what to consider when purchasing and installing your CCTV surveillance system. 

IP-Based System

Today’s IP-based commercial CCTV surveillance systems cost around the same as older analog systems but can outperform the latter. IP cameras can capture higher quality images and cover greater areas with one camera compared to an analog system’s camera. Installing IP cameras requires connecting the devices with an Ethernet cable, which can also power the devices. Analog cameras require installing and wiring separate cords for the video feed and power source. Further, the technology in IP cameras can automatically capture movements and notify your mobile device, so you can always be the first to know when something is amiss on the premises.

Recording Feed

IP cameras in a commercial CCTV system send recorded footage to network video recorders. This means systems can continuously capture more footage, and even do so wirelessly for some devices. The footage is sent to an off-site location, so the server with the information can be kept safe. Wireless recordings can be efficiently captured, but the reliability of your system will depend on your business place’s internet connection.

What to Capture on Commercial CCTV

You will need to determine how many cameras to install within your system, and that will depend on the areas you deem most important to monitor. There are obvious places like hallways, entrances, and private offices to position your devices to record. However, don’t forget the value of enforcing security measures to watch over your parking area or stairwells.

Remote Access

Modern systems let owners view their CCTV feed from smart devices or their home computer. This makes keeping an eye on your business easier when you can’t have someone watching the premises around the clock. If you do receive an alert or notification that your surveillance system captured movement at your workplace after hours, it can save you a lot of time to remotely access and review the footage before taking necessary next steps.

Professional Consultation and Installation

The best way to make sure your commercial CCTV surveillance system can give you peace of mind is to look to a security expert for help. When you work with S&B Pro for your commercial security, you’ll receive a detailed, tailored plan to secure your property. Then, you can rest assured all equipment will be installed and functioning correctly to keep you, your employees, and visitors safe. 

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When you choose to work with S&B Pro Security, you are working with a company that offers the highest-end equipment and installation, with team members who are top experts in the security field. We offer residential, small business, commercial, and government security in Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Wilmington, Newark, Annapolis, Hanover, and Rehoboth Beach. 

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