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Using Intercom Systems for Government Facility Security

Using Intercom Systems for  Government Facility Security

Intercom systems support government offices and other government facilities with building security.

Intercom systems provide a handy feature when it comes to supporting government facility security. These systems offer two-way communication throughout various points in any facility setting, both indoors and outdoors, and regardless of facility size. Using an intercom system works well as part of government facility security, as well as serving as a convenient tool for routine or emergency communication. Here are some ways intercom systems enhance government facility security and the efficiency of daily roles.

Quick and Connected Communication

Intercom systems can keep every reach of your facility connected through secure and reliable communication. Messages or alerts can be sent and received through the central console control (such as in the security or administration room), over the phone, and even through PA speakers. This way, various employees or teams working from different locations throughout the government facility can stay in regular communication as needed. In fast-paced environments where critical work gets carried out, the connectivity and collaborative potential of intercom communication is a valuable asset.

Intercom systems are easily scalable; As your facility or communication needs grow, your intercom system can grow to accommodate the changes.

Alerts and Announcements

When information needs to be delivered quickly, especially to several recipients, an intercom system is a perfect way to reach everyone. There’s no need to track down individual employees to relay the same message in several instances, saving precious time. In the event of a government facility security issue, emergency updates, alerts, or instructions can be broadcasted to all.

Identification and Access Control

Intercom systems installed at entry areas help government facilities with employee and visitor identification and maintain access control. For facilities that don’t use photo ID badges or key card access systems, an intercom system can let people identify themselves and request access permission as needed. Different facilities can use a mix of key cards and identification protocol over the intercom to best suit their security level needs or available resources.

Supplement Surveillance

The intercom system can supplement the surveillance systems as an addition to your current government facility security measures. The central security workers can identify irregular or suspicious activity and communicate quickly to investigate the situation further. Being able to issue verbal orders from the intercom console can be highly useful too. That way, security personnel do not need to leave their posting to interact with any persons. This makes better use of a government facility’s resources.

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