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Added Safety with Visitor Management System

Added Safety with Visitor Management System

A thorough visitor management system is an invaluable security measure at any building or facility. Find out more here.

It’s time buildings and facilities everywhere get serious about their visitor management system. Tracking people that come and go is important to maintaining the safety of everyone in a building. Visitor management systems are especially useful in settings like schools, government facilities, and hospitals. It’s crucial that the measures go beyond a paper sign-in sheet and that these facilities use more sophisticated policy, technology, and techniques like photo badges and automated systems. Here’s how enacting a robust visitor management system can create added safety to your establishment.

Track Visitor Entry

Chances are, your building has more than one entry point for people such as employees, contract workers, or other visitors. For everyone’s convenience and safety, there should be a check-in desk for all visitors to use at each authorized entry point so they can be processed quickly. This will also eliminate interruptions to the authorized people coming and going from the building. What’s more, issuing visitor name tags or photo badges with their visiting information visible makes it easier for your staff to identify who has permission to be on the premises.

Safe Impression

Most building guests are first greeted and processed at your visitor check-in desk. This gives the professional and safe impression that you take your facility’s security very seriously. A check-in desk can serve as an information center that directs your guests to the appropriate department or person they’re there to conduct their business. It will give them less reason to be lurking or snooping around your building if that is a concern. Further, like a surveillance camera, having this security measure in place discourages any suspicious activity from taking place. The would-be perpetrator must ID themselves before gaining entry to the rest of the building.

Liability Issues

Having a detailed record of strangers and visitors that enter your facilities is helpful for any emergency or liability issues that may come up. The visitor management system serves as a tool to keep your guests safe, as well as protect your business reputation. Consider a situation that calls for an emergency evacuation of the premises, like an active shooter or fire. A visitor log can help the building management staff and first responders account for all non-employees in the facility. 

In another possible scenario, say your legal department gets a call from someone who claimed to have visited your property and got injured last week. Now they’re seeking compensation or threaten to sue. A review of your visitor log shows no matching record to corroborate this claim. Your visitor management system has saved you from a scammer looking for a payday.

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