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Types of Commercial Security Systems

Types of Commercial Security Systems

With commercial security, a business needs to cover all the bases to protect itself. Here are several key ways.

No one business is alike, but all need protection. Commercial buildings require a higher level of security than a residential building; with many more regular occupants and an abundance of documents, software, and more, the stakes are higher should the dangers of an intruder or natural disaster approach. Good commercial security systems cover more base than one, considering all aspects. Below is a layout of the various types of commercial security systems a business should consider.

Commercial Intrusion Detection System

A commercial intrusion detection system (IDS) is a passive system that monitors the goings-on of business in order to catch certain activities or anomalies. For example, you may have tried to log in to your email from a different computer than you usually do. Your email might recognize the login as an anomaly, and send you an email about a foreign login. This alert is an example of IDS doing its job. Monitoring your area 24/7, an IDS is a secure base for your building.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems give access to those authorized within a space and deny access to those who are not. These are commonly seen beside the doorways of college dorms, office buildings, hospitals, and much more. One can gain entry through the following secure means: card access, photo ID badging, electric locking hardware, video, and more. While for centuries a lock and key were a business’s access control, a computerized, higher-tech version has paved the way in security. 

Commercial CCTV

Commercial CCTV, unlike residential CCTV, can hold up to 6 months of memory as opposed to 60 days. This is useful for monitoring the perimeter of your place, as well as within the site at all angles. S&B Pro will help you determine how much or how little you need, understanding that security needs are not the same in every part of a commercial premise. Good news for the commercial CCTV systems of today is that camera resolution and zooming abilities are much higher than they used to be.  

Fire Alarm Systems

No commercial building would be complete without a fire alarm system. All buildings must adhere to the National Fire Academy codes. This means a fire alarm is a must. With many people inside one place, the incentive to provide security in the case of a fire is great. A system can monitor for fire, smoke, and dangerous gases. 

With the various components of commercial security systems, it may be difficult to know what exactly to install. You don’t have to do it alone. S&B Pro Security will work with you through the planning, installation, and monitoring of your commercial security.

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