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Common Business Security System Mistakes

Common Business Security System Mistakes

If you made these business security system mistakes, you may be putting your property and employees in jeopardy.

We know having a business security system in place can protect your property and employees from threats, and help maintain an overall safe and efficient workplace. However, many businesses tend to make a few common yet critical mistakes when it comes to using their business security system to its full potential. While each unique company will have different security system needs and protocols, many commit these security system oversights in some fashion that could easily be remedied.

Poorly Placed Surveillance Cameras

Your latest and greatest surveillance camera gear will do little to monitor your property if they aren’t placed and pointed to be of much use. Identify all key areas that require surveillance, like entrances and hallways, and be sure to have enough cameras hooked up to your business security system not to miss any blindspots. The best places to mount your cameras are somewhere discreet or out of reach from people who would potentially tamper with the cameras.

Overlooking Property Surroundings and Windows

The primary building structure is an essential place to keep secure, but don’t overlook enforcing measures to protect your surrounding commercial property, such as the perimeter or any parking garages. Plus, windows can act as an entry point for trespassers, so take the necessary steps to keep those under watch too. Sensors connected to the business security system can detect intruders from opened or broken windows.

Defenseless Computers

This error may seem not important if your business does not rely heavily on computers and data, such as a restaurant. Well, you may need to reconsider. Machinery and equipment, such as computers and servers, hold company information and customer data. You wouldn’t want anyone to access those files or steal the physical hardware. If a person’s aim isn’t to commit corporate espionage, their accessing your computer network leaves vulnerability for them to tamper with your connected business security system.

Not Consulting An Expert

We get it: businesses need to operate under a budget and reduce costs wherever possible. However, a business security system is not an avenue one should settle for do-it-yourself installations with the cheapest gear. Plenty of modern and sophisticated security equipment and systems are affordable. Consulting a security expert to select and install a comprehensive security system is a wise investment back into the safety of your business. Working with an expert from the get-go can help you avoid these and many other security blunders.

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