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Benefits of Building Entry Access Control Systems

Benefits of Building Entry Access Control Systems

Government facilities and commercial business places alike can take advantage of entry access control systems.

When taking steps to secure a facility or place of business, you’re going to want to include entry access control systems to your repertoire of building security systems. Entry access control systems are standard in most places where monitoring or limiting people’s access to assets is a concern. While many government and high-security facilities use robust forms of access control, many other businesses are electing to use entry access control systems as well to take advantage of their many benefits.

Protect Property and Equipment

Controlling who can gain entrance to your place of business with entry access control systems means you can better guard your property and equipment. Trespassers and other unauthorized people may try to damage or steal your business equipment or data. Whether you are trying to protect hardware or software, access control measures can drastically reduce the chances of your assets falling into the wrong hands.

Protect Employees

Sometimes, trespassers aren’t looking to make off with your assets, and instead, they intend to harm your employees. Building owners and business owners owe it to their workers to make their employees feel safe on the job. Entry access control systems can prevent any unsavory characters from entering the work premises to hurt someone.

Monitor Employees

You can manage employee accountability with an access control system. The technology can keep track of all your employees in and out times regarding when they enter the building, or which parts of the building they use. You can keep track of employee attendance, as well as determine if employees are going to parts of the facility they shouldn’t be.

Forgo Physical Keys

Utilizing entry access control systems eliminates the need for physical sets of keys. Entry permission is based on providing individual credentials to enter the building or various places within a building. Employees who forget, or worse, lose their keys won’t be barred from entry, and take away concerns about misplaced or stolen keys. While this is an added security measure that addresses issues with using traditional keys, problems can arise if workers also lose their badge ID key cards or others discover their passcodes. However, rather than needing to change all the locks, the employee can alert the company and have their code terminated, then reassigned new credentials for building access.

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