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Restaurant Security System Design

Restaurant Security System Design

Restaurants and eateries need a comprehensive security system design to keep staff and patrons safe.

Running a restaurant or any food service business means your restaurant security system design needs careful considerations. You need a design that will protect your employees and patrons from harm while still creating an overall inviting and safe dining atmosphere. Plus, a restaurant security system design should consider ways to keep safe a business that usually thrives in populated areas, serves alcohol, and stays open to late hours of the night. What should restaurant owners incorporate into the security system design to maintain a safe establishment?

Where to Secure

An effective restaurant security system design, like most other designs, should start by considering all possible areas to keep diners and staff safe while they visit your place of business. The front door is a good start, as well as the majority of the dining area. A manager’s office can hold essential items, so that should be addressed as well. Staff may use a rear entrance or a delivery dock that receives ingredients. These are other points of access to keep secure at all times.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a must-have at many eateries. All types of people come and go, some local and some from out of town. Therefore, it can be challenging to keep track of all those faces. Video cameras let everyone know there’s a recording going on should anyone feel inclined to cause trouble. Video recordings also help hold employees accountable for their actions while on the job.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection systems keep the establishment safe during closed hours. You never know when thieves may want to try to target your restaurant. During the day, setting up simple alarms to trigger when the door opens lets staff know when a visitor has arrived. This allows for faster service, as well as serves as a reminder to employees to keep an eye out on the stranger in the building.

Life Safety Systems

Life safety systems are required in many businesses, so it’s no different for a restaurant. Especially with a bustling kitchen, you want to have smoke alarms and fire detectors around should an accident occur, such as a grease fire.

High-Security Locks

You may find it appropriate to install a high-security lock to the manager’s office. Strangers or even employees may know you’re keeping cash, checkbooks, or other important documents stored in the office. Some might also want access to the office in order to tamper with your cash register system and try to steal diners’ credit card information.

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