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Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

Home security systems — when they work correctly — protect what’s important to us. Still, some wonder if they’re worth getting.

People do not decide to purchase and install home security systems lightly. Some even wrestle with the thought of not getting one at all. Home security systems provide added measures to keep us and our household safe. However, there are some points of doubt that make people hesitate to make investments that may or may not protect them. Let’s examine several factors that come into consideration when wagering if home security systems are worth their price and service.

Protection for People, Property, and Possessions

Home security systems add layers of protection to your valuables. When individuals consider if it’s worth getting a security system, they consider if their valuables are worth the effort and resources to keep safe. Of course, one evaluates their loved ones and belongings for their emotional value and material worth.

Staying Connected

Wireless home security systems let property owners remotely keep tabs on various areas and aspects of the residence. This means your system can effectively act as another set of eyes on the day-to-day activities rather than only being useful to monitor for threats. This could be handy in several ways: to see who’s at the front door, whether someone forgot to close a window, or if any household members tried getting into your sensitive or private possessions, such as firearms, liquor, or essential documents.

Crime Deterrent

Paying for security systems is similar to paying for some peace of mind. Countless studies show homes with monitoring or alarm systems in place are less likely to be targeted by thieves and trespassers. Whole neighborhoods can lower crime rates when enough people have security systems or measures in place.

Monitor Life Safety and Utilities

Most modern and comprehensive home monitoring systems also encompass critical life safety and utilities monitoring too. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and water pressure detectors can make sure to alert you of internal threats and issues. Catching some of these issues alone could be worth it in repair and replacement savings, or peace of mind alone.

Insurance Discounts and Savings

A few homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies offer discounts to those with home security systems and other safeguards in place. While these savings aren’t always significant, it does add up, and you are rewarded for doing something that already benefits you. 

Initial Investment Plus More

The initial investment for purchasing equipment and installation services can turn off some people. This typically refers to purchases for robust home intrusion detection systems, although there are plenty of affordable and smaller-scale solutions available on today’s market. Beyond the initial investment, there are considerations for security monitoring service fees and maintenance fees. 

Not Completely Foolproof

People tend to reason that just because they have a home security system doesn’t mean they are no longer susceptible to being a victim of a home invasion or robbery. Even the best systems aren’t guaranteed to be foolproof, which further dissuades people’s willingness to install a security system. However, having a security system there does help limit potential losses. For some, they believe it better to have it there in the first place than not at all should they fall victim to any home security breach.

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