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School Security Check and Evaluation

School Security Check and Evaluation

Keeping students and staff safe is of the utmost priority. Checking your school security systems and procedures can help immensely.

School security plans and policies must protect large groups of students and faculty. From time to time, it’s imperative to check that your safety devices and equipment are in working order. Plus, a thorough review can be necessary to assess what new systems or improvements can be added to better the safety of the school population. Performing this check and evaluation is straightforward in concept, but there are plenty of details to be mindful of when reviewing your school security.

Inspect and Test Devices

There are numerous life safety devices found throughout a school building, from fire alarms to security cameras to other emergency alarms. Schools need to make sure these devices are working and have sufficient power reaching them at all times. It may be necessary to examine each device for repairs or replacement, or even if it needs to be cleaned off of any grime to be functioning correctly. While these devices are vital, don’t forget to check the other life safety devices that aren’t regularly accessible to students or visitors. This includes the back-up generators, gas detectors in the cafeteria kitchen, and even water-pressure sensors for the school’s plumbing.

Testing some of these devices will require coordination with the local emergency responders and law enforcement. These community members should also be able to tell you if they see anything going amiss with the tests and drills.

Evaluate Security System

You may feel at the time you installed your security systems that you created a comprehensive system to monitor school grounds and protect your students. However, as time goes on, and you realize there are blindspots in your school security system, you must make the necessary changes and upgrades. Is a particular door or window missing a surveillance camera or intrusion detection device? Install one. You may even realize you forgot to consider implementing a robust visitor management system to protect the school grounds from potentially dangerous strangers.

Train Staff

When an emergency arises, students will look to their teachers or the closest faculty for instructions. All school staff must be trained on all the emergency procedures. This includes threats from humans or the environment. They should be prepared with how to direct student behavior if an active-shooting or kidnapping scenario were to happen. Of course, fire drills and even earthquake or hurricane drills are worth practicing with the students from time to time. These drills not only inform students how they should react in an emergency, but it gives school officials a chance to evaluate staff emergency preparedness, as well.

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