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Is Workplace Security an Invasion of Privacy?

Is Workplace Security an Invasion of Privacy?

A long-time debate, there’s a fine line between a good security system and one that invades privacy.

It has been a long-standing debate on what the line is between office security and office invasion of privacy. While many states have created laws dealing with workplace security, there can still be room for error. Security in the office can be a necessity; in other cases, the reasons are out of bounds.

Lawful Reasons to Have Workplace Security

There are several reasons why having security may be crucial. One is that of, namely, security. If your business is located in an area with greater risk factors or has a history of employees getting harassed, then you will want to take preventative measures. Or, if you have a business that contains sensitive material, you will want to take greater means to make sure that nothing gets stolen. Prevention of both internal and external break-ins is essential.

Another main reason is to ensure that those working in the business are behaving properly. If you suspect that employees have been acting illegally, you will want to set some measure of security in place to get control of the situation and keep employees from continuing further in such activities. If you suspect employees are stealing, manipulating time clocks, drinking on the job, doing illicit drugs, etc., putting in security cameras is the first step in tightening control where control is needed. 

Unlawful Reasons to Have Workplace Security

However, there are cases in which the necessity to take control of the workplace goes overboard. One of the top unlawful reasons to install security cameras is to use them to coerce employees to work better. Productivity is best done willingly rather than out of fear. However, there is no law against installing security cameras for reasonable preventative measures and informing your employees about it. 

It is also illegal to install cameras in places that are typically deemed private, such as bathrooms, changing rooms, and workplace lounges. Taking more personal information from employees, like the obvious (social security number,) is unnecessary. 

To learn what the laws are concerning workplace security in your state, refer to your State Labor Agency, and ask for guidance from your security camera installation company. S&B Pro Security can help you determine the best and most appropriate security system for your unique business. 

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