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Security Tips for Your Retail Business

Security Tips for Your Retail Business

Securing your retail business requires precautions in three major areas.

Your retail business stores a treasure-trove of products for people to peruse and purchase. At times retail store owners are not aware of all the pitfalls in security there may be. In this day and age, especially with the Internet involved, precautions to secure your business from threats inside and out are a must. Below is a general walk-through of security needs for a retail business.

Internal Security

Theft can occur both in the store and behind the counter. If something ever happens, catching the evidence will help you restore your business’s loss. A retail store typically uses a CCTV system to monitor the goings-on around the store and behind and above the cash registers. 

Another useful security measure is limiting access control to certain areas of the store through security technology. Giving access only to employees through an ID card or another measure can help keep track of who went where and when.

Retail stores also often have electronic article surveillance (EAS.) This system sets off an alarm whenever an item that has not been properly checked out passes by. 

External Security

As for external security, CCTV also proves useful in monitoring activity around your store. To secure against break-ins, the proper lock and alarm system are the way to go. Be sure to choose a regular lock, which intruders cannot easily hack open. Rather, use a kind specifically for higher security, such as electric locking hardware. Also, install an intrusion detection system in strategic places to alert and monitor break-ins and unusual behavior. 


Besides security for the building, cybersecurity is the issue on most people’s radar. Make sure that your connections are secure. Limiting access may be of help as well. Thinking about what information is the most important will help you determine what needs to be protected the most. 

S&B Pro Security offers structured cabling and fiber optics communications solutions.


Protecting these three aspects of your retail business are an essential part of running a business wisely. At the same time, no two businesses are alike, and some may need more measures of protection than others. This is why professional help is necessary for you to get security where it matters most.

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