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Fire Alarm Set-up and Maintenance Tips

Fire Alarm Set-up and Maintenance Tips

Your home’s fire alarm system is an essential defense against the odds of a fire.

In a home, it is always important to make sure your family is protected. While protection from the elements like the wind and rain or from threats such as robbers or intruders is crucial, protection from house fires must not go understated. While housefires have greatly decreased over the past few decades, one can never be too careful in making sure a fire doesn’t catch your home. Below is an overview of residential fire alarm set-up and maintenance tips.

How Many Fire Alarms?

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that homes have at least one fire alarm on every floor, one in every bedroom, and one outside each bedroom. For example, if you have a two story house with two bedrooms, you will want to install four fire alarms. If you have a basement, you’ll want another for down there.

Where to Place Them

Two main types of fire alarms are hardwired and battery-operated ones. If your home has wires for fire alarms to connect to, you will want to install hardwired ones. However, you can still add battery-operated ones where need be. You will want to avoid putting them near bathrooms and kitchens to avoid false alarms, as well as around vents, doors, and windows. If you are installing a battery-operated alarm on the wall, make sure that it measures no closer than 12 inches from the ceiling. S&B Pro Security offers top-of-the-line alarms systems that are interconnected and monitored 24/7.

How to Tell If They Are Working

An easy way to tell if the alarm is working is to push the test button and see if it sounds. It is good to do this semi-annually or annually. Some alarms will give off a beep when it comes near their expiration time, but others will just stay silent. 

When to Replace Them

The older your fire alarm gets, the more likely you will need to replace it. The standard age of when the fire alarm is really old is ten years. If you have any questions about what fire alarm system would be best for you, or are looking to install or enhance your fire alarm system, S&B Pro Security is here to help!

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